DJ Ash

DJ Ash in the mix

Born in 1994, DJ Ash comes in as our youngest DJ. Ash was born in KZN, and began his DJ career in Pretoria in 2014. Always eager to share his love for music with anyone around him, he first started DJing at house parties and other private events, before moving into the club scene where he further honed his technical skills and natural talent for pleasing a crowd.

His first wedding behind the decks was for a friend, but playing his role at a wedding quickly turned into a passion that Ash loved. In 2021, Ash moved down to Cape Town and joined the One Night Only Music team as an accomplished host. He is the perfect fit, as he shares the same approach and values as the rest of us. His DJ skills are polished, he’s experienced, meticulous, cares about and listens to our clients, is accessible and responsive, and loves what he does. Ash’s passion for and talent in music extends beyond DJing, into the realms of music creation too. He spends as much time as he can in his studio creating his own music.

Ash will have you and your guests dancing from the first song until the last, and will do it with a smile on his face, because he loves what he does.

What’s in Ash’s crate?