DJ Rob

Born in 1985, Cape Town’s DJ Rob (One Night Only’s founder) started spinning the wheels of steel in back in 2005 out of a love for music (which has deeper roots from his teenage drumming and band days) and parties. He learnt his trade from some mates and the DJ school of life (a very unofficial training program), which means that he’s seen and heard it all. At the tender age of 20, naturally, the primary platforms for his musical flair and flavour were 21sts, 18ths, and clubs.

Dominating the 21st scene alongside Neil Tall, DJ Rob honed his skills – crowd reading (energy levels and genre preference), track selection, quick thinking, and technical abilities (mixing and equipment handling). Rob and Neil pushed each other to be the best, and shared their experiences, insights and lessons daily during those times.

Music taste grew across genres from the need to please all sorts – young and old. Rob’s repertoire expanded to include music from the 60s to the 90s, as well as the (then) modern chart hits. Genres that were (and still are) embraced were rock ‘n roll, disco, dance, pop, rock, hip-hop and punk-rock.

With age came the shift to weddings and corporate functions, which further honed his abilities and broadened his horizons. From 2005 until now, DJ Rob has kept dance floors packed and buzzing with his ability to adapt and feed energy back into the dance floor (he’s a vibe behind the decks!). If you’re set on having an incredible vibe at your wedding, look no further…

What’s in Rob’s crate?